3 Huge Benefits of Applying Car Window Tint

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Adding car window tint is a popular upgrade—and for good reasons. At JB Tintz & Dent Repair, we are certified professionals that will apply high-quality window tint to your vehicle.

3 Huge Benefits of Applying Car Window Tint

In addition to enhancing your privacy and improving the appearance of your vehicle, car window tint has these benefits:

  1. Car Window Tint Blocks Out Rays. One of the most significant benefits of car window tint is that it blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, reducing the heat inside the car. Car surfaces stay cooler to the touch, and you can keep the interior more comfortable. UV rays should be avoided by people who have sun-sensitive skin conditions. If you spend much time in your vehicle, this increased exposure to UV rays can damage your skin.
  2. More Protection Against Theft and Damage. Car window tint protects your car’s interior from fading and possibly cracking. Darker windows also make it more difficult for people to see what’s inside your vehicle. That’s good news if you accidentally leave your smartphone or purse in your car. Would-be thieves are less likely to break in if they can’t see your valuables.
  3. Increased Energy Efficiency. If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your vehicle, car window tint can help. Window tinting can lower the energy required to cool your vehicle’s interior during the summer months by reducing the heat that enters your car. This efficiency can lower your fuel consumption and save you money.

We offer a lifetime warranty on our window tinting services. If you have car window tint questions or want to set up an appointment for your vehicle, contact us today.